Leadership Development at Grace Church

The pastors and elders want the next two years to be focused on building up our church community as disciples. Leaders are a key part of our church and we want more time helping our leaders to grow. So, we're reviving and improving an important gathering: the leadership meeting. We trust that you will look forward to these events as a highlight of your Christian walk next year. Please feel free to invite potential leaders and apprentices so that they benefit from the support of these gatherings.

Leadership Summit
Grace Presbyterian Church

Leadership Summits are for all ministry leaders at Grace Church (especially Community Groups, ministry teams, outreach, mercy, missions). These Summits help keep our leadership community growing in Christ and close together. Are they dry, boring lectures? No! Expect music, testimonies, prayer, short talks, group exercises, food. Afterwards… continue to hang out on California Ave. We want this time to be valuable for our leaders' personal and ministry life.




September 14

Helping People Grow as Christians

What’s New at Grace Church

October 12

What Makes a Christian Leader?

Survey: Tell Us What You Need to Grow

November 16

You Decide! (results of a leadership study)

Preview of Vision Sunday

January 18

Asking Powerful Questions

Case Study: Guilt

February 15

Loving Jesus More than Everything Else

Case Study: Depression

March 15

God’s Gifts, Talents and Resources For His Kingdom

Preview of Grace Church’s 10thAnniversary

May 10

You Decide! (results of a leadership study)

Celebrate the Ministry Year

Time: 7:30-9:00 PM

Location: Grace Church offices, 2431 Park Boulevard, Palo Alto, CA

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