Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Two weeks ago, I mentioned praying to the Holy Spirit as a sermon application. It's not the common practice of Chrstians, but it certainly has a long history within the church and a rich tradition even with the Reformed heritage.

The Valley of Vision, a collection of Puritan prayers, has several examples. Thanks to Ruth Linton for discovering these particular prayers last week. I'm publishing her list below. 

Prayer titles are, with page numbers (paperback/leather):
God the Spirit (p.29/52)
The Spirit of Jesus (p.30/54)
Spiritus Sanctus (p.28/50)
The Spirit's Work (p.31/56)
The Spirit as Teacher (p.32/58)
The Convicting Spirit (p.37/66)
Weaknesses (p.103/188)
A Minister's Evils (p.185/336)

You may also want to check out Communion with the Triune God, by John Owen (edited, Crossway, 2007), especially pages 355-426.

Multi-Site Conference in San Diego Live Blog and Materials

Materials for the conference are available for download here: 


Also, D J Chuang from Leadership Network is live-blogging from the Conference here: 


You can 'listen in" and learn from the same teachers that are presenting live.