We should never forget

Saturday's Catalyst Meeting was great. A key part of Saturday's gathering was putting lots of ideas out for discussion. Toward the end, small groups summarized the dozens of concepts into a simple question: "As we prepare, we should never forget..."
Our Catalyst meetings are ways to gather the terrific group of Grace Church people who live around San Jose into a team that's willing and able to start a new worship site. Through their efforts and an emerging Palo Alto-centered team, we're moving toward becoming a multi-site church.
With busy Silicon Valley lives, it's easy to forget all of the things that we said we shouldn't. So here is the list, in no particular order, without duplications. Paste it to your fridge, your dashboard, your desktop, your forhead. It's a great list for any new endeavor.

As we head toward becoming a multi-site church, we should never forget:
  • Our values and identity
  • Gospel centrality
  • Our worship style
  • Outward looking
  • Worshiping God leading to our mission
  • We are part of a larger Grace Church community
  • It's going to be hard
  • God leads us
  • We begin with who we already are
  • To pray
  • To be humble and flexible
  • There will be another one, this is just the first
  • The bigger community that we are reaching
  • To include whole families, children too
  • To be transparent and warmly welcoming
  • The power of our own bias as we plan
How will you use this list?


More About Lazarus

During my sermon yesterday I referenced an excellent sermon from Tim Keller. This was a sermon based on the same passage which was preached on the Sunday immediately after 9/11. The Redeemer community and the city was reeling from the attacks; smoke still clung in the air; Manhattan was like a war zone.

Hear how a deep appreciation of the gospel brings comfort and clarity in a time of crisis. Many believe (and I agree) that it was the best message that day.

If your community group studies the sermon series, I've begun writing a new round of questions based on John.